So, I was thinking about changing the domain name of this wiki. We would host it on the LBPmedia website, founded by samalot, and possibly change it's name. However, I won't do it without the support of the community. What do you guys think? Here is how votes should look like:


Support I think we should move it because blah blah blah.


Against I think we should keep it here because blah blah blah.

Remember to sign your posts by using four tildes (~) in a row.

Here are some words from Samalot himself on the subject:

"ok some things you might want to know


One our media wiki there is :

No adverts

full file access , so you can edit anything

i could also look into a sub domain for you becasue we have got some but even still, the url is easier

it is what wikipedia uses"

Happy voting! :)

The website that LBPMedia currently uses is located here...

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