Main Levels The Savannah
Friendliness Friendly
Prize Bubble Location The Meerkat Kingdom


The Meerkats are the most common animals found in The Savannah. The younger Meerkats hide from Sackboy while the more mature ones bounce him up or prevent him from passing. There are even some Meerkats who like to party at the club instead, including Stripy Tail.

Found InEdit

Bouncy Meerkat
A Meerkat bouncing Sackboy up
Club Meerkats
Two of the club Meerkats

Meerkat Mum
Main Levels The Savannah
Relations Stripy Tail (Son)
Friendliness Friendly
Prize Bubble Location The Collector's Lair

Meerkat MumEdit

Meerkat Mum, mother to Stripy Tail, will not let you pass until you bring her son back.

Found InEdit

Stripy Tail
Main Levels The Savannah
Relations Meerkat Mum (Mother)
Friendliness Friendly

Stripy TailEdit

Stripy Tail is the son of Meerkat Mum. You must return him to Meerkat Mum in order to beat The Meerkat Kingdom. Other Meerkats will let you collect prize bubbles they are guarding if you bring him to them also.

Found InEdit

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