Frida the Bride
Main Levels The Wedding
Relations Don Lu (Engaged (The Wedding))
Don Lu (Married (The Canyons))
Friendliness Friendly
Prize Bubble Location The Collector's Lair


Frida is the Creator Curator for The Wedding. She planned out her wedding the way she wanted, but her groom, Don Lu, is no where to be found. Frida becomes impatient waiting for Don Lu, and goes on a rampage with the Skulldozer. When you rescue Don Lu from The Darkness, they get married and honeymoon in The Canyons where Don Lu's Uncle Jalapeño lives. Frida and Don Lu are captured by The Collector while on their honeymoon.

Found InEdit

Frida's Rampage
Frida chases after Sackboy while riding the Skulldozer

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